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All of our Custom Hardwood Beds Collections

Beautiful & meticulously hand crafted custom hardwood beds

  • The Country Collection

    The Country Collection

    These charming four poster beds are small in scale but big in style! We love the classics: Cannonball, Tulip Top, Flower Bud, Spool, Tree Top and Pencil Posts.

  • The High Country Collection

    The High Country Collection

    Four post beds embellished with lively details define this comfortable style: grand low post beds & charming bow canopy field beds with pineapple posts.

  • The Estate Collection

    The Estate Collection

    These vintage bed designs with elegant canopy options honor the bed-making tradition of showcasing the finest designer fabrics and bed linens.

  • The Coastal Collection

    The Coastal Collection

    The exuberant, hand carved posts and generous proportions of these beautiful beds awaken thoughts of carefree days and steamy tropical nights.

  • The Urbane Collection

    The Urbane Collection

    Polished, smooth, worldly and self-assured city-dwellers enjoy the straight-forward appeal and strong lines of these sophisticated four post beds.

  • The Desert Collection

    The Desert Collection

    Modern and stylized treatments of natural forms define these whimsical country beds. Designers warm up to the rustic paint finishes for western interiors.

  • The Inspiration Collection

    The Inspiration Collection

    99% perspiration went into this collection and we think the result is genius! See eye-popping colors, leather accents and modern twists on vintage bed styles.

  • Salesman's Samples

    Salesman's Samples

    Our vintage style Salesman's Sample Beds of finely turned solid maple and tiger maple posts are built just like the original 19th Century beds.

  • The Tudor Collection

    The Tudor Collection

    The Tudor period in England is characterized by beautiful woodwork and large, elaborate four-poster beds designed to be draped for warmth and privacy.