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Athletic Builds?

Athletic Builds?

 I have been a sports enthusiast since the age of 10 when I went to my first hockey game (the Boston Bruins, of course) with my parents.  I couldn’t get over how BIG these guys looked on skates and how fast they could move.  Despite an unfortunate loss that day, my enthusiasm for the sport was ignited. The Bruins rule, in my opinion, and watching them win the Stanley Cup in 2011 was the thrill of a lifetime.  My favorite player?  #17 Milan Lucic – a goal scorer, a fighter and an overall great player.

Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball…I love it all.  I consider myself fortunate to live in New England where the home teams often dominate sports news. 

Tom Brady? The New England Patriots? Does it get any better than that? A Dynasty – Super Bowl winners in 2002, 2004, 2005.  Tough loses in 2008 and again in 2012 to the Giants.  They’ll be back, mark my words.

Hands down, most sports enthusiasts would say Bill Russell rather than Larry Bird was the best Boston Celtics player ever but that was before my time (1956-1969).  Sadly, since their 2008 championship, the Celtics have been a big letdown.  Maybe next year (not this year) will be different with the return of Rajon Rondo and a few good off-season trades. We’ll see if the Cs can revisit their glory days.

I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to baseball.  I LOVE the Yankees.  If you don’t think that’s an issue here in Red Sox Nation, you are dead wrong.   Let’s just leave it at that!

In the world of sports, unusual combinations of events can make a game exciting.  For instance, it just blew my mind when I watched a snow plow drive  onto the field in then Schaefer Stadium so that Patriots’ kicker John Smith could kick the field-goal that resulted in a 3-0 victory over the Dolphins in 1982.  If not for the plow, would they have won? Who knows?  I do know that the following year, the NFL banned snowplows during games.

Ten years ago, I took a phone call that fused the job I love with my love of sports…another good example of unusual combinations creating excitement. “Build a custom Cannonball Bed for an NHL player?” I sputtered to the designer.  “No problem at all,” I beamed.  The bed was to be built in rare 5” tiger maple stock, California king size to fit a custom 15” thick mattress.  Of course, I volunteered to deliver and set up the handsome, custom creation myself.  I am happy to say that the designer was delighted with the service and her client was impressed with the design, quality and beauty of the bed.  As for me…the whole process was almost as memorable as my first hockey game.

Since then, designers have had us build many custom beds for professional athletes because of the shop’s ability to customize a bed to any size, wood, style, design…you name it.  One bed we built was round!   Each time, I like to think that I am contributing – even in a small way – to the athlete’s enjoyment of life off the court, rink or field in exchange for the excitement they bring to mine.