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The Rum Cay Bed

The Rum Cay Bed is our salute to the seafaring captains who brought back island riches to spoil their women.

With a boldness that is softened by the deep rope carving of the posts, this bed proclaims a love of the sea even when one is tethered to land.

Details such as the rope & knot carving on the recessed panel headboard make The Rum Cay Bed a beautiful tropical creation. Traditional mortise and tenon joinery insures decades of fond memories.

Shown here in rich mahogany. Available in painted finishes too. All sizes.

As Shown
Post Style: P-119
Post Height: 82" (208 cm)
Wood: Mahogany
Finish: L-I
Headboard: H-214
Rail Style: R-70
Total Height: 87" (221 cm)
Finial: F-09
Size: Queen
Canopy: none

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