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The Desert Collection

The unexpected, modern and stylized treatment of natural forms defines this bed collection and evokes the drama of the desert.

We show so many of our beds "undressed" so you can see their sturdy construction using solid hardwoods and mortise and tenon joinery.

With a Stephen Plaud bed, there is no limit to the number of options available. Because each bed is made to order. you can:

  • Swap out headboards
  • Headends only
  • Alter post heights
  • Adjust sleeping height to fit mattress & box springs
  • Select a custom paint or wood finish.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet your exact specifications. That way your client can truly have the bed of their dreams.

The Desert Collection

The custom hardwood beds in The Desert Collection:

  • The Bristol Chessman

    The Bristol Chessman

    The Bristol Chessman Bed is a folksy Americana cannonball bed. Lively hand-turned bed posts bring energy to traditional home decor.

  • The Santa Fe Bed

    The Santa Fe Bed

    The Santa Fe Bed celebrates creativity. This stylish twist on tradition appeals to collectors of contemporary artwork and historic artifacts.

  • The Desert Thistle Bed

    The Desert Thistle Bed

    The Desert Thistle Bed celebrates the shapely form of New Mexico's native plant and features a country blanket-rail to display hand-woven treasures.